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Why It’s Important to Compress Images?

There are many reasons why to compress images, but the two most common are:

  • to reduce the size of images so your website can load faster
  • it’s cheaper for mobile users

Different uses of image formats

  1. gif = transparency and animation
  2. jpg = everything else, meaning if you don’t need transparency or animation
  3. png = transparency

How to compress .jpg images

Step 1 – download images from Google Drive


Image by Haleyville Fire Rescue via Haleyville Fire Rescue

to your Downloads folder on your computer.

how-to-compress-images-03Make new folder, for example on your desktop and give a name that you want, in this example – HFR. Move images from Downloads to HFR folder.


Step 2 – In the address bar of your browser type to upload images for compressing.



Step 3 – Click inside rectangle to begin uploading.


The window will open. Navigate to HFR folder to select images and click Open button.


Compression of images will start immediately.




Step 4 – Go to your Downloads folder, select all 3 images. To do this, click on 1st image to select it with mouse (left click),  then on keyboard press CTRL+Shift buttons and select last image with mouse (left click), at the same time. Then right-click with your mouse and from drop down menu click Delete, so you can make place for compressed images.



Step 5 – After compression is done you can download images to your computer. Move images from Downloads folder, to your new folder, for example HFR-compressed.



Updated on 11/22/2017

And how to compress GIF file you can read in article “How to make simple animated banner in GIF with GIMP” from step 28.

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